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GaiaDAO 🌎

Step 1: Go to Snapshot — Look to the top right of the page and Click on Connect Wallet. Select your preferred wallet (generally it will be either Metamask or Trust wallet).

We created Gaia DAO because we wanted to create a platform that allows individual investors to impact positive change on the Earth, while themselves still benefiting from traditional DeFi products.

We also wanted to support multiple causes, with a focus on donating to less well known Non Profits Organizations. It has been amazing to watch our vision become reality, having already donated $10,000 USD since launching on the 1st of May!

The GaiaDAO team believe that these donations represent the future crowd funding, with blockchain technology allowing us to unite like minded individuals into one cohesive community, with the common…

First of all, thanks for becoming part of the team. This vision would be nothing without you! As the number of Gaians grows, so too does our power as a community to affect positive change on the Earth.

This FAQ is mainly aimed at people new to BSC based projects, but it also includes some information for all holders. Here are some useful links to get you started.

GAIA Chart — view the price of GAIA live.
GAIA BSCscan — check your BSC account history.
Metamask Download — download Metamask.
Buy GAIA — Buy GAIA on Pancakeswap.
Contract Address:

GaiaDAO 🌎

We aim to create an ecosystem of prominent DeFi products on the BSC blockchain while supporting environmental and philanthropic organizations.

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