GAIADAO Buying and Holding FAQ

First of all, thanks for becoming part of the team. This vision would be nothing without you! As the number of Gaians grows, so too does our power as a community to affect positive change on the Earth.

This FAQ is mainly aimed at people new to BSC based projects, but it also includes some information for all holders. Here are some useful links to get you started.

GAIA Chart — view the price of GAIA live.
GAIA BSCscan — check your BSC account history.
Metamask Download — download Metamask.
Buy GAIA — Buy GAIA on Pancakeswap.
Contract Address:


What do I get by holding GAIA?

1% of every transaction will result in those tokens being redistributed to GAIA holders. Ultimately providing members with a bigger say in the project.


How do I swap Metamask from Ethereum Mainnet to Binance Smart Chain?

Simply click the drop down arrow and select Binance Smart Chain.


How can I view my GAIA holdings in Metamask?

We first need to add the token to Metamask. From the main page on your Metamask wallet, making sure it’s on BSC, click ADD TOKEN.
Hit CUSTOM TOKEN, then copy paste this GAIA contract address.

GAIA will auto fill the Token symbol and Decimals of precision. Hit NEXT, then on the next page that comes up hit ADD TOKENS. If you go back to your main BSC wallet page you will see GAIA.


How can I see the history of my GAIA transactions?

Introducing BSCscan. This website is essential for traders on the BSC network. With BSCscan, you can search your Metamask wallet address and see every transaction recorded by that address. This is especially useful for tracking purchases, checking your balance and seeing an approximate USD value for your holdings.

Go to In the search bar, enter your Metamask wallet address. This can be found easily by clicking on your address, which will add it to your clipboard. We always suggest copy pasting your address from here, to avoid getting it wrong.

Now, paste the address we got above into the BSCscan search bar as seen below:

Bookmark the page that comes up. It will be: ‘’

From this BSCscan TXN page you can also see how much BNB you have in your wallet and how much it is worth.

Keep in mind that BSC scan prices can lag behind the real time prices. Always use external charts to see exactly what the price is.

BSC scan is also useful for searching other contract addresses like GAIA for example. Knowing how many holders there are, how much they are holding and where can be really useful in hunting for a good project or just seeing what is going on with the coin you’re already in.


How can I track the price of GAIA in real time?

Click this link below to be taken straight to the live chart for GAIA.
GAIA Chart

Using charts is essential if you want to track the price of GAIA. Don’t let the name fool you, provides a responsive and easy to use charting platform for BSC based coins. Out of all the charts we have used to track BSC, this one has proven itself to be the best.

If you are 100% new to charting, here are some simple tips.

To see the supply, market cap and available liquidity, look on the right hand side.


To get a bigger picture of any trends, change the time range. 1–10 minutes will only show a day to 2 days of information. 15mins-1 hour will show 3 days to around 2 weeks.


Two useful Indicators to add when you are beginning are RSI and MACD. Add them by clicking on Indicators and searching.

MACD will show you the volume of buy and sell orders. Big red bars going up, people are buying. Big red bars going down, people are selling. The blue line trending over red shows that the price is going up. Red trending under blue can indicate the price will fall.

RSI is simple, when RSI is low, it can be a good time to buy. When RSI is high, it can be a good time to sell.
Your chart should look this this:

Remember that none of this should be taken as financial advice. It’s a good idea to look up these terms and try to learn how they can help you navigate charts. Always do your own research!


How do I sell GAIA?

Selling is just as easy as buying. Use this link to go to the GAIA/PANCAKESWAP trading page.

Simply hit the blue arrow in between BNB and GAIA to move GAIA up to the top.

Now you can see how much BNB your GAIA would be worth if you sold. You can also swap BNB to USDT and see your approximate GAIA value in USD.

We aim to create an ecosystem of prominent DeFi products on the BSC blockchain while supporting environmental and philanthropic organizations.

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