From inception in January to launching on Pancakeswap on the 1st of May, GaiaDAO has seen an interesting entry to the market. Our presale sold out in seconds, we built up to over 1,500 holders (before our airdrop) and have already donated $10,000 to worthwhile organizations like The Water Project, Orangutan Outreach and The Rainforest Foundation US.

The original team are six individuals motivated by the idea that blockchain technology is more than just negative headlines about energy usage. To give back to our diamond handed supporters and to attract new ones as well, we decided that we needed to step up our branding game.

While our original logo was clean and easy to read, we had based it on a free vector. This had led to some confusion with other projects and to avoid this moving forward a change was needed.

To really do the GaiaDAO brand justice we hired a professional designer to create a one of a kind logo for us. We could not be happier with how it turned out. A beautiful Gaia Goddess looking over the Earth, tasteful and simple. Perfect!

This then spawned an idea amongst the team. What do we want the Gaia brand to really be?

We have also rebranded our website — launching soon!

The name Gaia can be interpreted in two ways. The first is the abstract Mother Earth theory. This Gaia theory posits that Earth is one single living organism. Be it big or small, every action from a living thing has an impact on the overall ecological state of the Earth. Gaia is often expressed as a beautiful goddess looking over the Earth. This is currently what we have based the GaiaDAO brand on.

The second interpretation is mythological. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the second being in existence after the birth of the Universe. She created the Oceans, Mountains and Sky and is the Mother of all creation. She also helped to create the Olympians and Immortals like Zeus, Poseidon, Ares and Athena. In both instances Gaia is seen as a protector of the Earth.

We feel that focussing on the Greek interpretation will help to strengthen our brand. The first interpretation is slightly harder to get across and can often be confused with already existing products. Using the Greek branding allows us to play on the mythology of Gaia, something we think will resonate with potential holders a lot more. Think about how recognisable the Olympians like Zeus and Poseidon are.

The names for our holders for instance will be the “Immortals” — with different tiers determined by the amount of $GAIA each Immortal owns.

The name of our staking pool is “Atlantis”.

The name for the team will be Olympians, allowing team members to choose strong, well known characters.

This Greek style rebranding will have a flow on effect through our socials like Discord and Twitter — which will hopefully translate into more people being attracted to GaiaDAO as a concept.

Our website has also undergone a massive refresh, with the Greek branding in mind.

GaiaDAO still subscribes to the ideals of the abstract Mother Earth theory. We launched as a DAO to help individuals come together and impact positive change on the Earth. We feel that this stays true to the butterfly-effect theory of the Mother Earth interpretation.

Along with the refreshed branding, we are working on getting our first DeFi product to market. Recent flash loan attacks in the DeFi space have led us to be more cautious about launching before we have had the chance to do rigorous testing. We are happy to announce that we will be launching the Gaia Atlantis staking pool around the 20th of June! Our smart contract developers have been burning the midnight oil to make sure every bug is squashed and your investment is protected.



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We aim to create an ecosystem of prominent DeFi products on the BSC blockchain while supporting environmental and philanthropic organizations.